Profile picture: Golfing with my dad and my best friend . . . my brother, Jake. No place I'd rather be.

Currently I am a senior at Christian Brothers Academy. Here I have found my friends, myself and my voice. CBA has transformed me, has given me the courage to develop my gifts, to go against the grain, to pave a new path. Whether it is gaining a leadership position in student council, developing and launching a newsroom, learning how to edit film on my own, supporting my fellow students in doing well, giving back to my community through service hours, playing flag football, designing Haunted Walk posters or even failing to master AP CALC or make our nationally recognized golf team . . . CBA continually calls me to be a better version of myself  and what brotherhood really means. In my successes and some failures . . . CBA has provided me with multiple leadership opportunities and challenged me academically and socially to become my best self.

I am so thankful to my parents every day for the sacrifices they made to send me to CBA and the support they have given me along the way. They value education above all else and have taught me to invest in myself and to leave a positive mark on the world. Thanks Mom and Dad.